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Meet the Brand: Om Means Nevada

Written by: Marisa Hess

Hello! My name is Marisa and I am taking over the Hello Yoga blog for the day. I am the yogi behind Om Means Nevada and I am so grateful to be part of this supportive and inviting community. Om Means Nevada is my baby, a yoga lifestyle brand, and a means for me to explore my practice, outside of the studio and off the mat.

It all started last year when I decided to deepen my practice and take a 200 hour yoga teacher training. While I had been attending classes maybe once a month for the previous 10 years, I was never real serious about yoga. But, last year, I had finally found a studio I loved and a program that seemed to be inviting me to join. Within the first month (of a 16 month program) I was hooked! I was learning all kinds of tools to grow myself and improve my relationships and my life.

And just a few weeks into my Yama & Niyama workshop, it hit me like a bolt of lightning; this idea for Om Means Nevada. Now see, I am a Nevada girl. I moved here when I was 4 and have been here pretty much my entire life. I learned our state song, Home Means Nevada, in 1st grade. I thrive on our huge blue skies, fluffy clouds and high desert weather.

So this idea strikes, “Om Means Nevada, Yoga Lifestyle Brand.” And I kid you not, over the next few weeks, the ideas keep coming. Waves and waves and waves of visions for my business, a full creative empire. Ideas for products and services, mantra and affirmation cards. Ideas for buses full of people driving out to meditate under our gorgeous skies. Pop-sockets, journals, guided meditations, shirts, a podcast. Even fabrics created using hand-drawn patterns and mantras. Looking back, I can’t remember half of the stuff I envisioned. Good thing I was keeping a journal! I can go back and look at those pages any time and see the lists and lists of ideas. It was as if the universe was showing me glimpses of this fully realized business. All I had to do was step up. 

So the challenge for me, since then, has to been to bring Om Means Nevada to life. To bring it from the recesses of my mind to something real and tangible, and to fight through the fears of sharing myself and my story. I want to share my vision with you and with all the souls in our great state.


I am so grateful to Hello Yoga for bringing me under their wing, and inviting us in to their space. I hope you’ll join us, Wednesday, October 9th from 5 - 7pm. We’ll have something to snack and sip on, and there will be a giveaway. Come down and say Hi! I want to share this passion project and get to meet you. Let’s  connect and discuss how our yoga journeys can inspire more fulfilling lives! Namaste✨🙏🏽
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