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Why Choose dōTERRA?

As we were getting started, just like many people, we had no knowledge that there were differences in quality, and potency when it comes to Essential Oils. I distinctly remember shopping the aisles of a health food store, and walking past a small section for oils. On a whim, I grabbed a bottle of eucalyptus for under $10. For a time, this was how i accrued oils, and used them mostly for the aroma. This very small understanding of oils continued until a friend handed me a bottle of dōTERRA Lavender Oil...

The difference of quality was evident after that first inhale.

Everything changed after that first interaction with these oils. I started to do my research regarding how essential oils are made, sourced, and why any of it mattered in the first place.

Here's the Difference:

1. The Co-Impact Sourcing

Doing the right thing does not usually mean the cheapest way. And that reflects with the doTERRA sourcing model. They work to source oils from wherever on earth those plants grow native. PLUS working with the communities and farmers of each area area to help the local economies thrive. In most oil companies, they use a middle man or broker that takes away any chance of profit or growth for the farmer. Instead, doTERRA has created a foundation that urges growth and abundance. Head over to Source To You to continue and learn about all the beautiful efforts they are making to ensure that the oils are pure, without any fillers, and sourced ethically. Do you have a doTERRA oil bottle handy? Flip over the bottle and input the top code into this website. You will be able to view the tests each individual batch of oils went through to ensure therapeutic grade. Translucency with everything they do.

2. Keeping Things Pure

Ange Peters, a doTERRA Leader says it best:

"There is no governing body overseeing the essential oil industry. So that means there is no reason for a brand to be honest about what is in that bottle of 100% pure frankincense they’re selling for $7. This is why doTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade stamp of quality (CPTG) so that you know doTERRA stands for having the highest quality, highest purity and most sustainably sourced essential oil in the world."

3. Empowerment

Men and women are empowering and growing their families, communities, and lives. These little bottles place powerful preventative care into our hands that we can use to support the crazy, stressful, ever-changing modern lives we all have. This company was created on intentions of integrity, respect, and conscious business. We can stand behind that!


Why Even Care About Quality?!

Nature is unmatched in the powerful way it can heal, prevent, and support the body. Our bodies respond to natural remedies and we can keep ourselves feeling happy and healthy!

So, what exactly is an essential oil?

An Essential Oil is the small aromatic compound on a plant, fruit, root, or herb. "These compounds are known as essential oils. They are highly concentrated, making them extremely potent. Also referred to as volatile aromatic compounds, essential oils give a plant its aroma, protect it from harsh environmental conditions and insects, and even play a part in plant pollination"(doTERRA, 2019).

While essential oils and plant extracts have been used for centuries, essential oils still hold relevant applications today. With advancing technology, improved quality, potency, and safety, essential oils are now more accessible and easy to use in everyday life. Although essential oils were often used as a part of cultural practices and traditions of the past, we now have increasing scientific evidence and research to show the effectiveness and safe nature of essential oils in our day and age. 

Click HERE to keep reading all about the history, uses, and benefits!

Sound like something you vibe with? Head back over to our "Essential Oils" tab and learn more about all the exciting things we offer at HelloYoga that include doTERRA Essential Oils!

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