Celebrate Everything Mat & Bag Teal

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beautifully designed LINEN and NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat. High quality, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Machine Washable and absolutely the best yoga mat ever, thoroughly tested. It's so beautiful, you will not want to roll it up. 24" x 72" and 5mm thick. Our labels are tree-free made from 100% sugar cane. Every mat comes with a custom mat bag carrier.

CELEBRATE EVERYTHING! When you read these words, it is my heart’s desire for you to remember these things: You are on your mat, Celebrate! Taking this time out just for you, Celebrate! Allowing your mind to rest, Celebrate! Giving every cell in your body a chance to heal and be full of joy, Celebrate! Whatever your body will allow you to do today, Celebrate! When we Celebrate, we heal… Celebrate Everything my sweet friend! Thank you for supporting a family owned business.

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