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Welcome to Wellness

Hello, Health Lover! We are so glad you have made it to this page!

Whether you already utilize oils, are interested in how they can elevate your health, or have absolutely no oil experience... we are totally thrilled to support your journey! 

These little bottles are near and dear to the way we see & care for our bodies, our emotions, and our planet. 

Sit back, grab a mug of something delicious, and let us take you through this journey of navigating the Essential Oil World. We realize things can get incredibly overwhelming with the tremendous amount of information out there... take it one step at a time. We have created a vast group filled with education, resources, and support to lead you down this path. 


Why We Choose dōTERRA... 

As we were getting started, just like many people, we had no knowledge that there were differences in quality, and potency when it comes to Essential Oils. In fact, I distinctly remember shopping the aisles of a health food store, and walking past a small section for oils. On a whim, I grabbed a bottle of lavender for under $10. I had no knowledge why the price was so low, or even what was in this bottle. For a time, this was how I accrued oils, and used them only for the aroma. This very limited understanding of oils continued until a friend handed me a bottle of dōTERRA Lavender Oil...

~ The difference of quality was evident after that first inhale. ~

Everything changed after that first interaction with these oils. I started to do my research regarding how essential oils are made, sourced, and why any of it mattered in the first place.

Join Our Community


We love to spoil and educate the amazing people in our oil community! For us, education is the key to see lasting, long term success with the oils for you and your family! 


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