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Pointe Shoe Fitting

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Click the link below to book an Appointment:

We are working to broaden our selection of styles and brands every month. Currently, we offer Capezio Ava, Capezio Kylee, Bloch European Balance, Bloch Heritage, Bloch Balance Lisse, Bloch Amelie, Gaynor Minden Classic and Sculpted Pointe Shoes in all sizes and multiple width options. Our fitters, Mariah Ordaz, Jennifer Martin and Petra Warburton are well versed in fitting, and are all great sources of knowledge. We find it incredibly important to continue to expand our knowledge of anatomical alignment, product awareness, and fitting techniques to ensure a safe fitting. Simply make an appointment, and we will do all the work to find you a well fitting shoe + any accessories you may need to support your pointe work.

We ask that if possible, you bring with you your old pointe shoes (if you've been fit before), and wear a pair of transition tights to make trying on shoes easier.
Any other questions? We are here to chat anytime! 775-420-5357
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