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Bergamot Essential Oil

Written by: Amanda Hill

Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine, Bergamot.💛

A spicy citrus scent with a little hint of floral, it’s a powerhouse for emotional support. The main chemistry components of bergamot include limonene, terpinene, and linalool which are what contribute to the oils unique ability to uplift as well as calm. So if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety listen up! 

I use this oil in my diffuser or even a drop on my pulse points on days when I feel those familiar, panicky grips or that anxiety cloud building behind me. I used to doubt how effective aromatic use of oils can be, I mean they smell nice but can it actually help my anxious feelings? Yes it can! Have you ever noticed when you smell something and it brings you right back to your childhood or a specific memory, almost as if you're right back there? Well, my friends there is science to explain that magic. When you bring air into your nose there are little fine hairs, those hairs are connected to a cranial nerve which sends signals to the hippocampus where you store memories. This pathway through the cranial nerve from tiny nose "hairs" to an area of the brain which helps activate our fight or flight system- slow breathing can also activate this reptilian brain to calm and slow the nervous system. So, inhaling an oil like bergamot with chemistry including linalool and limonene to name a few, can calm us down in that reptilian brain from the pathway in our nose. Pretty cool right? 

Bergamot can be used topically (always dilute first with a carrier oil at first) as a skin rejuvenating and purifying oil. I use it every week when I wash my face (if you wanna know my skin washing routine type “oil cleanse method” into your search) to encourage that glow.

Possibly my FAVORITE way to use bergamot is a drop added to my tea in the morning or afternoon. I love the flavor it adds as well as the zen I experience from the chemistry of this oil doing its work.

Check out more oil features at: and tell us in the comments how you utilize this amazing oil!

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