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Clearing, Cleansing, and Activating For the Harvest Moon

A new harvest moon is arriving again on September 13th. This is a wonderful time to realign your intentions for the rest of the year, cleanse your crystals, and begin a new season with ease.

Utilizing the full moon is a wonderful way to harness the power it offers, and rid yourself of what is no longer serving you. In particular, this harvest moon is especially meaningful. It is falling on the 13th of the month for the first time in 13 years. If that wasn't enough, it is said that the number 13 is incredibly auspicious because we have 13 full moons, and right around 13 menstrual cycles a year. One more interesting coincidence? This moon falls on a Friday, and The Goddess Venus is often associated with that day. We can confidently say that this Friday the 13th full moon will be especially substantial.

With this moon, we honor the Fall Equinox, the harvest we reap from warm months, and change of pace. With this moon falling in Pisces, we can associate it with artistic inclinations, shifts of emotional ties, and clairvoyance.

Below, I have filled in many beautiful rituals, and ways to honor this beautiful shift and create new manifestations.


Create Sacred Space

Around my house I have created altars that hold items that are near and dear to me. Pictures of loved ones, stones, rose essential oil, quotes... just to name a few ideas. It creates opportunity to have moments of sacred contemplation throughout the day, and it's a reminder to utilize the tools that keep me feeling grounded. For the full moon, sageing those spaces, and your home help whisk away stagnant energies. If these spaces don't exist for you yet, a full moon is an ample opportunity to create more meaningful areas of your living space.

This type of shift is also wonderful time to deep clean, organize, and push out stagnant energy.

All through the day I will be diffusing:

3 Drops Bergamot

2 Drops Grapefruit

3 Drops Lemongrass

All three of these essential oils are beautiful ways to clean the air, and push out what is no longer serving you. One step further would be to sage all the rooms of your house. Keep a window open on either end of the house to allow the negative energies to be pulled out with the smoke.


Open Your Heart

Allot some time during the late afternoon, or evening to sit down in quiet reflection. I find that creating this atmosphere takes some steps. Here’s what I love to do:

• Turn on the diffuser, dim the lights, and create a warm area

•Rose Oil gets applied to the heart space, Rosemary to the Crown Chakra, and Balance to the bottoms of the feet.

•Flow with the body, moving in ways that opens and softens the joints and muscles. Movement helps to flush out the energy we hold from the day.

• Gather crystals all around you (more about cleansing them later).

•Draw an affirmation card, truly absorb what you have been given. Use this inspiration to journal and write anything and everything that arrives in the mind.

•Sit in silence, with the breath, and allow yourself to just be still.


Cleanse and Create Intentions

Cleansing any crystals you use for energy work can be recharged during this shift.

People have been using salt for hundreds of years to banish negativity and unwanted energies.

Consider creating a bowl full of salt water with about a tablespoon of rock, or sea salt. Submerge your crystals completely, and allow them to soak during the day.

Something to consider: Don’t use this method for soft or porous stones.

During meditation or journaling, you can create new intentions with stone by placing it on a corresponding chakra, or holding it in your hands. Envision your energy combining with the stone. Speak Your intention or mantra.

I leave my crystals outside under the moonlight to recharge all night long.


In general, this should be a day to reconnect to self and appreciate all we have. We hope this moon brings endless good luck, and blessings.

We‘d love to hear from you!! Drop into the comments the rituals that you do every full moon!!

Love & Light!

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