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Oil Blends: For All The Moments in a Day

Oh essential oils, how we love you! You've got our backs for every problem throughout our busy days. And readers, I've got your back with some simple, easy blends for all your daily needs! Keep scrolling to get all the oily goodness you've been dreaming about.


Hand Sanitizer

In a glass spray bottle: 1 TBSP of Vodka or Witch Hazel 10 Drops of On Guard 10 Drops of Peppermint Fill the rest of the spray bottle with distilled water

You have a spray that will protect you against all things germ infested: Door handles, your phone, tables, steering wheel.... the options are unlimited. Your immune system will thank you tend fold!

Immune Booster

In a glass roller: 8 drops of On Guard 5 drops of Frankincense 5 drops of Lemon 6 drops of Melaleuca 5 drops of Oregano Top off with your favorite carrier oil (I prefer fractionated Coconut Oil). Swirl to mix.

Afternoon Energy Boost

Herbal Tea Blend: Make your favorite cup of tea (I like using a green tea) & steep the tea for a few minutes. Add in one drop of: Lemon Grapefruit Wild Orange

Dryer Balls

One-Two Wool Dryer Balls: 10 Drops Purify 8 Drops On Guard Reapply after 6-8 washes

Morning Routine

Using your Daily Face Moisturizer: 2 Drops of Frankincense 2 Drops of Yarrow|Pom Watch your skin glow from the anti-aging properties!

I use these recipes on the weekly, if not daily! Essential Oils make my whole world so much easier, and healthier! Comment below your favorite blends and recipes, or the ones in this article you found most useful!

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