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Simple Changes to Improve Health & Happiness

Did I get your attention with the title? We’re all looking for ways to spruce up our live, in the midst of all our hectic days. I think we all want to make the start to improve our outlooks, and feel more content… but the actually starting is hard! I am definitely guilty of these same thoughts- and recently decided to make some shifts in the hope that they would improve a certain aspect of my life. Keep reading to learn about the small changes that worked for me in making my days better, my energy levels more even, and my outlook on life!

  “And so… she decided to start living the life she’d imagined”

Turn off all screens an hour before bed time:

I am so guilty of scrolling through Instagram until my eyes blur and I have gone past my original plan for bed time. Who else does this?! So I made a pact with myself to stop all interaction on my phone an hour before falling asleep. I don’t even leave my phone charging in my bed room any longer. It is left downstairs, and can be looked at the next morning after I go through my morning routine! I have found that turning off all the screens helps my eyes adjust faster, it takes me less time to fall asleep, and I am not waking up in the middle of the night from noises on the t.v.! It definitely takes a bit of time to get used to this new system, but it has worked wonders for feeling more restful through the day!

Essential Oils & Daily Vitamins

I have been very passionate about essential oils for a very long time, but in the recent years, I have dived even deeper into using oils for preventative care, and emotional support. I stand behind DoTERRA and the purity tests they use to prove their quality. If you are in Reno, Midtown Essential Oils is THE place to go to get more information on DoTERRA and oils in general! You can use them topically, diffused, or internally- and it can sometimes be overwhelming to know how to start. But if you do, it truly helps to elevate your life. Obviously I am not doctor, so do your own research to determine your opinion on oils, but I would not put them in my body if I did not see the results first hand.

I also take a multi-vitamin everyday to support my overall health. My body tends to be low in Iron (like many women), and my energy levels are definitely affected if I do not have the correct intake daily. I also use a Collagen Powder that helps strengthen my skin, hair, and bones. The kind I use is from Vital Proteins. You can mix it into a smoothie, or drink and it’s flavorless. Win win!

Daily Stretching Routine

Along with having a workout regiment, or movement practice… it’s also very important to stretch, and maintain muscle elasticity. You will prevent injuries, it immediately relaxes the body, slows the breath, increases the oxygen intake to the brain, and lowers your overall stress levels.

If you have a desk job where you are sitting for long periods of time- stretching is incredibly important for you! Your muscles are in a state of slight contraction when sitting, and it’s important to extend, and elongate the muscles so you maintain flexibility!

If you are interested in making this habit, you have to make it a daily moment in the day! Kelly Benson is offering a 90 Day Stretch Challenge on Facebook & Instagram that will help inspire your practice, and keep you motivated. Head over to @heykellyb on Instagram to follow her journey, and you can join her 90-Day Stretch Group on Facebook here

Journal & Reflection

I recently did a “5-Year Plan” where I sat down and created a grouping of major life goals that I would like to achieve within the next five years, and began to work backwards from there to decide the steps I need to do to achieve these goals. I got down to the weekly steps I had to take in order to truly make some of these a reality. It was terrifying, and eye opening. I treated this as a Bullet Journal on steroids, and it was so so effective at reminding me that the way to truly complete milestones is to plan for them!

Having that written intention puts deeper meaning into whatever you are writing about! I have this journal to edit, add,and complete, and it is such a great feeling!

What other daily practices have you created that creates more lightness in your life? Share in the comments below, and lets all grow together!

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