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Essential Oils to Heal Inside and Out.

Written by: Virginia Lee

“Are you out of your mind?  Essential oils can not do that!!!!”

Nature knows a thing or two about how to operate maximally, in fact it’s done it for millions of years. Plants keep producing, reproducing, maintaining and supporting themselves-thriving in all types of situations. Nature has the right idea. For centuries plants have existed and modified themselves and have adapted to continue to grow and flourish in their own environment. So, why wouldn’t you use this same principle and apply it to your life to maintain things for yourself?

By taking these natural and healing plant extracts aka “oils” and maximizing their benefits for your own body’s use you’ll yield health benefits that ultimately maintain a stable cellular life cycle…the foundational building block of any human.

What happens with a strong foundation?  Any guesses???  Yes, a further healthy and stable being: stable thoughts, stable emotions and stable sustainable behavior. Having a homeostatic relationship in your body leads to a thriving energetic life full of all the possibilities that you wish for!!!Contribute to homeostasis by protecting yourself (“your-cell-lf” ) with the routine use of essential oils from the radical daily bombardment of toxins and threats that occur in our life.  How?  By not allowing your cells to be invaded, by using the essential oils to maintain each cells’ health. Why halt the invasion of these daily threats?   They create an upset in your bodily systems.  You’ve heard of free radicals, right?  These free radicals (ie: stress, excess sugar intake, chemicals of all kinds etc.) cause chaos in your body’s cellular harmony which leads to the onset of inflammation….the ultimate culprit for a myriad of health concerns.

There are three easy ways to utilize these oils that will in turn benefit your body and decrease stress, emotional upset and your inflammatory pathway: 1.) Aromatically: Breathing in these minute molecules affects your emotions within seconds through the limbic system. We are emotional beings and most of our actions stem from how we feel….so uplift yourself nearly immediately with Wild Orange, Peppermint or Citrus Bliss. 2.)Topically: Applying the oils to the skin allows the oils to enter your bloodstream to provide each oils’ specific therapeutic benefit. 3.) Internally**: Adding a drop of oil in your drinking water, under your tongue or in a veggie capsule will result in the most potent delivery method for therapeutic purposes. Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated. So one drop is powerful. The key is use a little bit often.

Essential oils CAN do these things mentioned above!  With the correct knowledge and usage YOU can experience them!

Learn more in-depth essential oil concepts and uses by coming to our Essential Oil Event on the third Wednesday of every month at HelloYoga!

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